Five new Samsung Gear VR games and apps hit the Oculus Store

Samsung Gear VR

While Samsung launched a new Gear VR app that lets you surf the internet in VR earlier this week, there are five new apps and games landing in the Oculus Store for you to try as well.

The games line up includes Action Bowling ($2.99) from Atomic Bullfrog, but will have you 10-pin bowling in VR, and Ansher Wars 2, from OZWE, which is described as a real-time combat game that has you flying spacecrafts.

The last of the games, Deer Hunter, from mobile game maker Glu Mobile, puts you in the wild with customized weapons, letting you hunt exotic animals in VR, without hunting them to extinction in real life.

The free app Rose, on the other hand, comes from Penrose Studios, which was founded by former Oculus executive Eugene Chung. It lets you immerse yourself and interact with a "cinematic universe" - or, basically, short films.

The app Soundscape ($2.99) from Snake Productions is not quite a game, but more of a musical experience, letting you add, change and interact with musical instruments, while also letting you "jam" with two other people if you want.

Last week also saw a bunch of new games and app releases for the affordable Samsung Gear VR on the Oculus Store, and we can certainly expect a lot more.

This can only be a good thing for VR in general, while we wait for the launch of the big VR headsets, scheduled to make an appearance starting early next year, including the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.