Vodafone now offers Amazon Prime or YouTube Premium with select plans

Amazon Prime
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Vodafone has long stood out by including subscriptions to streaming services like Spotify Premium or Now TV Entertainment with select plans, and that offering has just got a lot better, as Amazon Prime and YouTube Premium have just been added to the mix.

You can choose either of these (or one of the existing options, including Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify Premium, or Now TV Entertainment), when you take out any Vodafone plan that’s listed as coming ‘with Entertainment’, the cheapest of which is a 24-month SIM only plan which comes with unlimited calls, unlimited texts, and 5GB of data, for £22 per month.

- Head to the Vodafone website to take advantage of this new offer

But you can also opt for a higher data limit, right up to unlimited, with Vodafone offering both ‘Unlimited’ and ‘Unlimited Max’ plans with entertainment included – the former of which caps speeds at 10Mbps, while the latter is unrestricted, making it ideal for use with 5G.

A Prime upgrade

If you’re familiar with Vodafone you might be thinking that Amazon Prime was already offered, and if so you’d be half right – Vodafone used to offer a subscription to Amazon Prime Video, but now it’s upgraded that to full Amazon Prime, including not just the streaming video component but also free delivery on eligible items, and access to Prime Now, Prime Wardrobe, and Twitch Prime – the latter of which gives you free games every month.

YouTube Premium meanwhile includes ad-free access to videos and music on YouTube, plus the ability to download videos for offline viewing, and play content in the background while using other apps (or while the screen is off). It also comes with access to YouTube Music Premium.

Amazon Prime usually costs £7.99 per month, while YouTube Premium is typically £11.99 per month, but opt for one of them on Vodafone and they’ll be included as part of your standard plan for the duration of the contract.

And if you’re already a Vodafone customer benefiting from Amazon Prime Video access, then as long as you have more than three months of membership left you’ll automatically be upgraded to full Amazon Prime for the remainder of your contract.

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