Vodafone goes unlimited with new SIM only deals on both 4G and 5G from £23/pm

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Vodafone is set to change the game of both 5G and unlimited data, simultaneously competing with both Three's unlimited data prowess and EE's early reign on 5G.

The network has announced that it is now offering up unlimited data plans, both on SIM only deals and contract mobile phone deals. A category that few networks has attempted in the past.

In the world of unlimited data SIM only plans, Vodafone had to pull something special out to compete with Three - and with prices starting at £23 a month it certainly comes close on price.

It's worth noting that Vodafone's 5G Unlimited Lite (£23/pm) and Unlimited (£26/pm) tariffs are restricted on speeds, with a maximum of 2Mb and 10Mb respectively. But Vodafone says that customers will still benefit from consistency of experience in congested areas due to 5G at no additional cost over 4G. Three SIM only deals on 4G can't boast the same, but also don't seek to throttle your speed.

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What's perhaps more interesting is that Vodafone's Unlimited Max tier costs the same for 5G as it does for 4G and there are no levels imposed at all - so this is the true 5G experience. Considering EE has been charging a premium for its 5G SIMOs (and with monthly limits on data use, too), it's exciting to see Vodafone offering full unlimited 5G access for just £30 per month.

These SIMs will work with both 4G compatible devices and the new 5G phone deals we've started to see pop up. And with options to include the likes of Spotify, NowTV or Sky Sports for an additional £6, there is plenty of customisation available. 

Retailers stocking Vodafone unlimited deals:

While it won't be long until all mobile phone retailers are offering up Vodafone 5G deals, these are the ones straight out the gate to offer the best deals:

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