Sony sticks Cell CPU in pro video platform

Cell processor
This is the Cell Broadband Engine that Sony hopes will win favour with video producers

So, what combines the legendary Cell processor found in every PlayStation 3 with a 'Zest to Go' – whatever that is – and a 19-inch server rack to give us the future of video?

The answer, we're told, is a new enterprise product from Sony that's just gone on show in the US and which shall be known henceforth as 'ZEGO'.

By the numbers

We have to say, putting a Cell Broadband Engine in a commercial video platform makes a lot more sense than giving it a buzzword-like name and telling prospective buyers it has "Zest to Go," but what does it actually do?

Apparently, the Toshiba/IBM/Sony-developed Cell in the ZEGO BCU-100 unit delivers up to 230 gigaflops of processing power, which is directed at crunching digital video data.

All-in-one package

The system mounts on a standard 19-inch server rack and enables video producers to do everything they need from video capture to editing and display.

As well as the Cell, there's also an RSX graphics processor developed by Sony and Nvidia and a low, low power draw of 330W, which is nice.

We don't have any pricing information yet, but the ZEGO will go on sale in the US some time this year.

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