Panasonic to debut Full HD 3D at IFA

Full HD 3D to demo at IFA
Full HD 3D to demo at IFA

Panasonic looks set to win the 'coolest announcement at IFA' award, as it is to debut it's much talked-about Full HD 3D format.

The 3D format was first announced at this year's CES but we have yet to actually see how good 3D in the home can actually be.

In a press release, Panasonic explains: "The slogan of this year's Panasonic IFA booth is "Revolutionary Technology" as the company will be showcasing many significant new technologies that live up to this claim. The 3D Cinema Experience area, which offers cinema-like Full HD 3D experience, will be this year's highlight.

Industry leaders

"Panasonic, an industry leader for Full HD 3D technology, will be presenting its cutting-edge Full HD 3D Home Cinema System in two dedicated 3D cinemas. This Home Cinema System goes well beyond today's conventional 3D technology, as it is the world's first to show Full HD 3D with far superior picture quality and a lifelike viewing experience.

"Throughout IFA, visitors to the Panasonic booth will not only be able to watch 3D movie trailers, but they will be able to take part in a 3D experience th at is unparalleled by today's standards."

As TechRadar will be going to IFA, the European technology show that takes over Berlin in September, we are now officially excited to see just what Panasonic has been doing with its Full HD 3D technology.

And you never know, it could prompt the Blu-ray Disc Association to hurry up and choose a 3D format for the home.

Marc Chacksfield

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