In pictures: Sharp BD-HP90S

Sharp's 3D Blu-ray player

Sharp's first foray into 3D Blu-ray territory is a super stylish affair. While it was no secret that Sharp was preparing to enter the world of 3D, we're impressed with how it has managed to create a Blu-ray player that stands out from the crowd.

The Sharp BD-HP90S is part of the company's Aquos range and compliments the company's first 3D LCD TV – the Sharp Quattron 3D.

Sharp is going big on 3D and it may seem like it was one of the last companies to hit the 3D button, but the company was at pains to point out that it has been in the 3D business since 1992, when it created its first 3D panel in Oxford.

10 years down the line and Sharp also managed to add a 3D screen to a laptop – which was a world's first.

It will be interesting to see how its latest line-up stands up against the competition when it is released this October.

Sharp blu-ray

The BD-HP90S has a built-in wireless LAN function. Using this feature, viewers can establish a wireless connection via DLNA to other devices in the home network in order to transmit music, photos or videos from PC to TV.

Sharp blu-ray

You can play YouTube videos directly through the machine. The Internet connection also means you can enable automatic updates of the Blu-ray player software.

Sharp blu-ray

An On-Screen Control Panel function means the basic functions of the Sharp Blu-ray player can be controlled from an on-screen menu by a TV remote.

Sharp blu-ray

The BD-HP0S has a UK release date of November 2010 and is priced at £379.99.