Two new Ring cameras offer cheap home security for your budding compound

Ring camera news
(Image credit: Future)

Amazon is turning your simple, but highly vulnerable home into a maximum security compound, or at least that's what we assume after the Amazon launch event.

It introduced two new Ring home security cameras, one being the refresh of the last year's Stick Up Cam at a cheaper price and the other being the brand new Indoor Cam. 

What's unique about the all-new Indoor Cam is that it costs just $59.99 and includes features like 1080p HD video, custom motion detection, and night vision. Note: you will need to plug it in (this one isn't battery, solar or Ethernet powered). 

The third-generation Ring Stick Up Cam is more expensive starting at $99.99 with the benefit that it works indoors and outdoors. It comes in four distinct versions: with a battery, plugged-in, powered by solar (an extra $50) and Elite (powered by Ethernet).

Amazon also announced that its high-end Ring Video Doorbell Elite models will get a concierge service, allowing Alexa to ask a messenger about signing for a package or a stranger to state their business.

Matt Swider