Twitter launches Bookmarks – an anonymous way to save tweets

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Today is the official launch of Bookmarks for Twitter – a way to save tweets for later without actually engaging with them or the person who wrote them.

Your Twitter Bookmarks are anonymous, avoiding the problem of 'liking' a tweet that you find interesting but don't agree with. Bookmarks are totally anonymous – the tweet's author can't see that you've bookmarked it, and there's no way for your followers to find your bookmark list. 

Bookmarks are being rolled out today for the Twitter iOS and Android apps, the Twitter desktop and mobile sites, and Twitter Lite – the version of the app designed for people with slow mobile data connections.

How to set up a Twitter Bookmark

To bookmark a tweet, click or tap the new 'Share' icon that appears to the right of the 'Like' button. This will let you save it, send it via a direct message, or share it using a different app.

You'll be able to find your bookmarked tweets by visiting your profile.

Via the Verge

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