Toshiba unveils new 4K TV with Chromecast and Dolby Vision

Toshiba 4K TV
(Image credit: Toshiba)

There's a new Toshiba TV in town. The budget TV brand has just announced the Toshiba UA2B, a 4K TV with built-in Chromecast and some high-end HDR support.

You get support for the regular HDR10 format, as well as Dolby Vision – the dynamic HDR standard favored by Netflix, and found on a host of 4K Blu-rays, which uses scene-by-scene metadata to calibrate your TV's picture settings to perfection.

More importantly, though, the 58-inch TV costs just £399 at Currys – a staggeringly low amount of money for such a roomy screen.

There's some generous connection support too, with four HDMI 2.0 ports (no HDMI 2.1 at this price point, naturally) and two USB inputs – while Freeview Play will ensure you have access to all the major UK broadcasters you'd want on your set. Audio comes courtesy of Onkyo, with 20W speakers built into the set.

Cheap TV darling

Toshiba has some form when it comes to cheap but capable televisions. You're not getting the knockout picture of an OLED TV, or even a more mid-range set like the Panasonic HX800, but for those after a low-cost screen solution, Toshiba could be a good bet.

There are some trade offs, of course. This is a 50Hz panel, meaning you won't be doing any 60Hz gaming – and the brightness is a pretty meagre 350 nits. At this screen size, any picture defects will likely be more visible than they would on a small TV too.

What's interesting here is the the UA2B features voice command support for Google Assistant, through an in-remote microphone. That's especially fitting given the Android TV with Chromecast interface, though a bit of a U-turn from Toshiba's previous support of Alexa – through the dedicated (if unreliable) Toshiba Connect hardware accessory we saw last year.

For smaller sizes that support Alexa, there's always the UK4B model too.

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