Top leaker says Samsung Galaxy S22 launch date is February 9

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

Though a Galaxy Unpacked has been confirmed for February 2022, we still don't know for sure when this Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 launch event will happen. Thanks to a popular leaker, we've now got a very good guess.

Reliable leaker Evan Blass has shared a seemingly official invitation poster for Galaxy Unpacked 2022 which, if accurate, gives away the game for the upcoming tech launch. Evan Blass' Twitter account is private, so we can't embed the tweet, but if you follow the account you can find them here.

If not, we'll describe the image to you. It's a gray-background picture with the Samsung logo at the top, and in the center is a see-through cube with a purple 'S' at the core. 

Below that is the slogan 'The Epic Standard', the words 'Galaxy Unpacked' and the date of February 9. The poster also says the event will start at 3pm, an odd detail since previous years' Samsung Unpacked posters haven't included a time, likely because fans are based in various time zones around the world.

We don't know what time zone that 3pm refers to, but if it matches with previous events that may be when the event starts in the UK. That'd be 10am ET and 7am PT.

We've heard leaks suggesting both February 8 and February 9 as the date for Galaxy Unpacked 2022, but thanks to this recent information, the later date seems almost certain.

Analysis: what does it mean?

Unlike in 2021, when the Unpacked poster teased the 'Contour Cut' camera bump design of the upcoming Galaxy S21, there aren't any obvious details hidden in this teaser.

Still, we've sometimes seen Samsung accompany its Unpacked invitation posters with video or GIFs which provide more information, so perhaps when these are officially sent out we'll get more details.

The slogan 'The Epic Standard' is probably more important, but there are so many possible interpretations of the phrase that any would be total speculation.

The Galaxy S21 Unpacked phrase was 'Welcome to the Everyday Epic' - and over a year on since that launch event, we're still not clear how that pertained to the phone.

So it wouldn't feel right reading too far into the image or words, as they could mean anything - and probably do, knowing Samsung's laissez-faire approach to marketing terms and branded phrases. Let's just wait until Unpacked to see what shows up.

Via GSMArena

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