This Yeston 'Waifu' Radeon 6700 XT GPU stinks...literally

Yeston Sakura Hitomi RX 6700 XT
(Image credit: Yeston)

Not only is this likely one of the prettiest graphics cards you've ever seen, but according to a recent teardown on YouTube by Gamers Nexus the Yeston Sakura 6700 XT graphics card is just as much an assault on the nose as it is the eyeballs.

Yeston confirmed via email with Gamers Nexus that the GPU had been intentionally perfumed for 'aromatherapy' purposes, so customers can expect the smell to last for around one to two years. While the scent notes weren't described, the reaction to the GPU unboxes would likely suggest that Yeston has been more than a little over-generous with the quantity of aroma used.

Meme card or genuinely desirable?

To give it its full name, the "Sakura Hitomi Flower Marriage" Radeon 6700 XT (otherwise dubbed the 'Waifu' 6700 XT) is the latest GPU in Chinese manufacturer Yeston's hardware lineup to be themed with feminine anime characters, with the shroud design also seemingly available as a Radeon 6800 XT and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070.

If you've been on some DIY PC building forums recently, chances are you've seen some of the other quirky products available from Yeston, with notable mentions including the original 'waifu' Sakura Hitomi RX 5700 XT and the cat-themed 'Cute Pet' Radeon RX 580 and PC case seen below.

Yeston Cute Pet

(Image credit: Yeston)

As with those other unusual products, it's a pretty safe bet that this GPU isn't going to be to everyone's taste, but that might actually work in your favor if you're struggling to buy a new graphics card right now. Yeston isn't a well establish name outside of its native country, and the GPU is typically only sold through Aliexpress outside of China, but its niche appeal may mean that you can snap one up for your build, especially if your PC case doesn't have a clear component viewing window.

No matter what the mass market may feel about the design, it's a refreshing sight. The fans are shaped like cherry blossom flower petals and the shroud has been purposely molded solely for the new Sakura Hitomi edition, rather than the typically recycled (and less daring) designs we see from better-established manufacturers.

We're unsure of what the official price for this GPU should be, but you can find more information and additional products with the same theming like an equally adorable PC case and keyboard over on the Yeston website.

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