This network is offering a 2GB of data SIM plan for just 99p a month with this code

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Not worried about having lots of data with your next SIM only deal? Prioritising pricing over features? Lebara's latest offer will be perfect for you, coming in as the UK's cheapest SIM by a long way.

Right now, you can get a Lebara SIM plan for just 99p a month. At under £1 each month, it is no surprise that this pricing doesn't last forever. Instead, you will be able to get it for 3 months by using the code UNI21.

With that lower pricing, this is £3.96 cheaper than the next nearest SIM plan. For that 99p price tag, you'll get 2GB of data, 1000 minutes and texts and 100 international minutes to 41 countries.

After those 3 months are up, your pricing will go up to £5 a month. That is just 5p a month more expensive than the cheapest SIM plan out there with the same data cap. Plus, because Lebara operates on a 1-month rolling contract, you can simply leave after those 3 months if you don't want the higher price.

This super cheap SIM only deal in full:

SIM only plan from Lebara

SIM only plan from Lebara | 1-month contract | 2GB data | 1000 minutes and texts | 99p for 3 months with code UNI21
Thanks to this discount code, this is the cheapest SIM plan on the market by quite some way. For the first 3 months, you'll only pay 99p for 2GB of data. After that period, your prices will only go up to £5 a month which is still one of the cheapest prices around. Because this is a 1-month rolling SIM plan, you can simply leave after those 3 months if you don't want the higher price. To get this discount, simply use the code UNI21 at the checkout.

What's Lebara and what stands out about it?

Lebara specialises in cheap SIM plans, scoring its best value offers in the lower data regions.

All of its SIMs run on 1-month rolling plans, giving you the flexibility to leave at any time or change which plan you're on and Lebara promises no price rises during your contract.

Along with that, Lebara piggy-backs off the Vodafone network so you're getting reliable and fast speeds. You also get 100 international minutes to call 41 countries outside of the UK.

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