This Monoprice Dark Matter 34 deal makes one of the best value gaming monitors so much better

Monoprice Dark Matter deal
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There are plenty of discount gaming monitors you can find to get a few quality gaming features, like a fast refresh rate or variable refresh rates, but every now and then a good deal comes along that takes a monitor with a lot more to offer and brings it down to a price point that makes it an absolute steal. That's exactly what's on offer with the Monoprice Dark Matter 34-inch gaming monitor.

Typically, the Dark Matter 34 would sell for $500, and even then it would be a strong value option with the high resolution, high frame rate, and quality display on offer. But, right now, it's on sale for a truly ridiculous $349 direct from Monoprice.

So, what makes this such an exceptional deal? For one, this is a 34-inch ultra-wide monitor, giving you a lot of room for work and play alike. Despite its low price, it's not low resolution. You'll find a 3,440 x 1,440 ultra-wide panel that'll give you crisp game visuals and let you take full advantage of the best graphics cards without the same hit to performance that comes with the jump to 4K

That 34-inch panel isn't a cheap TN option either. Rather, it's a Samsung-made VA panel with a Quantum Dot layer, allowing it to display 1.07 billion colors, keep a strong contrast ratio, hit a peak brightness high enough to earn DisplayHDR 400 certification, and run at 144Hz. 

Even at its full $500 price, the Monoprice Dark Matter 34 doesn't have a lot of other competition that can match what its offering without bumping up the price considerably. 

We already thought this monitor was worth it at full price, but it's a can't-miss deal at $349.

Monoprice Dark Matter 34 $499 $349 at Monoprice

Monoprice Dark Matter 34 $499 $349 at Monoprice
At $499, the Dark Matter 34 is already a great value with an ultra-wide 3,440 x 1,440 panel that can game in HDR and run at up to 144Hz. This discount to $349 makes it a whole lot sweeter.

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