These 10 epic PC gaming setups will turn you absolutely green

If you're a true PC games fan, you understand and respect the pride in a player’s setup, even if you don’t feel it yourself. If a gamer wants to show off where they get in their frags and in what kind of style, that’s fine.

That was the same kind of logic we went into "researching" this article with. That is, until we were berated with enough of this beautiful neon imagery (Instagramery?) to feel the very same shade of green you’re about to. 

So, this collection below isn’t really designed to help you so much as it is to make the feeling worse … so that you go out, upgrade and give us more awesome rigs to look at. We know, we’re awful – but, at least this vicious cycle of consumerism looks pretty!

This lady’s setup looks like a shrine to PC gaming – she even decorates for the holidays! And, look, she’s even platform-inclusive with her Xbox One controller. It’s no longer mouse and keyboard or bust, folks. 

At first glance, it looks like Lucifer’s teenage son’s bedroom. But, seriously, check the attention to detail and what he’s got inside: a hexa-core Intel Core i7-5820K ($380, £389), coupled with parts by MSI, Corsair and EKWB cooling.

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So, this one is unbeatable, full stop. Is that a Bat Signal-like thing for the Autobots logo? Does it even matter what’s inside?

This is the only way to play Skyrim: Special Edition from here on out. Who needs a VR headset at that point?

If you love purple like we do – purple GameCube all the way! – then you’re going to wish this were yours. And, note the PS4 and Xbox One there – because it's OK to still play console games, you know.

This guy calls his build and setup the Xenon, and we can see that it certainly looks futuristic. White LEDs: so, so underrated.

This fellow has made some brutally effective use of some RGB bulbs. And, on the inside, he rocks the same popular CPU mentioned above, but sticks with last year’s EVGA Geforce GTX 980 Ti GPU ($699, £599) – it’s a better deal right now anyway.

Man, that is the perfect setup for a manga or comic book fan. Imagine owning a friend in Civilization VI while catching up on your Attack on Titan? The dream…

So, it’s clear that this guy loves racing simulators, right? Very custom setup with lots of creature comforts. Well done!

But! Then, Unbox Therapy guy Lewis Hilsenteger has to come in and undo that pride and happiness with his LG-hooked up racing rig. Seriously? That’s what we’re up against? I don’t want to race him in Project Cars.

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