The iPhone 8 may have wireless charging

Rumors for the iPhone 8 have already begun, suggesting your next iOS phone may come with the ability to charge your phone without plugging it in.

Wireless charging is rumored for the iPhone 8 as Foxconn – the company that produces the iPhone for Apple – is currently experimenting with the tech, according to an industry source speaking with Nikkei.

The source conceded that, "whether the feature can eventually make it into Apple's updated devices will depend on whether Foxconn can boost the yield rate to a satisfactory level later on.”

Like an Apple Watch

Apple has veered away from wireless charging in the past as other Android manufacturers have embraced the tech. 

The Apple Watch does use wireless charging though, so Apple is no stranger to the tech.

Wireless charging pads are appearing more and more in public places and if Apple decides to include the tech in its next iPhone we may see a surge of even more simple to use and well located wireless charging pads.

Previous patents have shown Apple is working on inductive charging for the iPhone – that's where the phone has two coils to transfer power via magnetic fields – which is also used on the Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung's flagship Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are the best phones you can buy that support wireless charging. Each sit in the top positions our of best phone of 2016 list.

James Peckham

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