The Garmin Instinct Solar can keep its charge forever, and it's £70 off at Amazon

Garmin Instinct Solar
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The super-tough Garmin Instinct Solar is back to its lowest ever price at Amazon, at just £279. That's a hefty saving of £70.99 off the regular price.

As its name implies, the Garmin Instinct Solar is a powerful smartwatch and fitness tracker that features a special type of photovoltaic glass that keeps its battery topped up when exposed to a moderate amount of sunlight each day.

With a regular dose of natural light, it will keep running for up to 24 days in smartwatch mode, up to 30 hours in regular GPS mode, and up to 70 hours in max battery GPS mode, making it perfect for multi-day walking, running and cycling events. Going to be off the grid for a long time? Keep the watch in battery saver mode, and it will keep running indefinitely.

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Garmin Instinct Solar:£349.99£279 at Amazon (Save £70.99)

Garmin Instinct Solar: £349.99 £279 at Amazon (Save £70.99)
This is the best price we've ever seen for the Garmin Instinct Solar, which boasts the best battery life of any running watch to date. It can keep going for over a day with GPS enabled, whereas most devices only last a matter of hours, and can keep running indefinitely in battery saver mode.

It's the most impressive battery life we've seen in any running watch so far, and the Instinct Solar doesn't skimp on features to achieve it.

When we reviewed the watch last year, we were impressed by its huge range of training features, which include all-day heart rate and stress monitoring, advanced sleep tracking, SpO2 monitoring, compass, accelerometer, indoor and outdoor activity tracking, downloadable training plans, point-to-point navigation, and lots more.

Despite being so packed with tools, it's surprisingly easy to use too, thanks to its dual-screen design that uses a small secondary display to show you what the contextual top-right button does on every menu. It's a very impressive device, and at this special price, easy to recommend.

If you live outside the UK, here are the best Garmin Instinct Solar deals near you:

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