The first ever foldable phone is about to get a successor

Royole Flexpai
Royole Flexpai (Image credit: Royole)

When the Royole Flexpai was shown off at CES 2019 it had the distinction of being the first ever foldable phone customers could buy, beating off the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which wasn't available until months later.

Just a month after Samsung unveiled its second foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, we've heard Royole also has another device on the way.

This news comes from Royole's CEO Liu Zihong, as reported by MyDrivers, who has stated that the Royole Flexpai 2 will launch on March 25. This is a replacement event as its initial launch was expected at MWC 2020, which was canceled due to coronavirus concerns.

We don't know that much about the Royole Flexpai 2 just yet (other than the fact it will have a foldable display), but Zihong did confirm the device will use the top-end Snapdragon 865 chipset, so it should have top processing speeds.

The handset will also be a 5G phone, as nearly all Snapdragon 865 handsets are, so it will have top-end connectivity as well as processing. 

Other than those two pieces of information confirmed by Zihong, we don't know what we'll be seeing come March 25. TechRadar will be sure to report on the new device when it's unveiled though, so check back then to see what Royole has in store.

Tom Bedford

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