Tetris 99 could be getting three new modes

Image credit : Nintendo

It looks like Tetris 99 is getting three new game modes in the future.

Datamining by Twitter user OatmealDome has uncovered that three new modes are coming to Nintendo's free battle royale title (via Nintendo Everything). You can check out the Twitter thread below:

What are the new modes?

According to OatmealDome, the three new modes will be: COM Battle, Team Battle and Marathon.   

Team Battle will see "two giant teams clash", so it essentially sounds like a classic team deathmatch mode - Tetris style. 

COM Battle sees you battling against 98 bots, which the goal being to beat all the AIs. It sound as though this will basically be the usual battle royale mode but against AIs instead of other players. Apparently this mode will also support both 99 Battle and Team Battle.

Drop it like it's hot. (Image credit: Nintendo)

Drop it like it's hot. (Image credit: Nintendo)

The final mode is Tetris favorite: Marathon. Marathon mode will see you aiming to get the highest score attack (either limiting your game to 200 lines or neverending). According to OatmealDome, Marathon will support in-game achievements.

Oatmeal also confirmed that their datamining confirmed the in-game events, previously announced by Nintendo, for standard 99 Battle mode.

Unfortunately, we don't know when we will see these new modes released but it's likely we don't have long to wait.

Tetris 99 is available to download for free now from the Nintendo eShop.

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