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Philips announces its first OLED TV - and it's packing Ambilight

Philips 901F Ambilight

Philips has finally jumped on the OLED television bandwagon at IFA 2016, with the TP Vision brand offering up the 4K Philips 901F Ambilight set which boasts HDR and an Android-fuelled quad core processor.

IFA has long been the show that Philips have focused their energy on, and this first foray into OLED represents a major step for the brand.

With both 4K and HDR becoming a major factor and yield rates in producing OLED panels improving fast, the time is right for Philips to make its move.


Inevitably, Philips has brought its proprietary Ambilight system to the television - obviously the first time on OLED - and it's a three sided offering which Philips believes is uniquely suited to this kind of picture technology.

The 901F also brings Philips' Perfect Pixel Ultra HD engine and an integrated 6.1 sound system.

The Philips 901F OLED price has been set at €3,500 - the equivalent of around £3,500, $4,600 or AU$6,100.

We don't have a release date to hand just yet - but we will be getting to grips with the 901F at IFA 2016.

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