Toshiba 9 Series is its latest Ultra HD TV range ready for summer

Toshiba 4K 9 series
Our eyes!

Toshiba is keeping the 4K momentum going with the announcement of its new Ultra HD 9 Series of TVs, ready to consume a whole 84 inches of your living room space.

Although Toshiba hasn't given us any pricing info yet, we reckon you're going to need a fair bit of disposable income lying about to get your mitts on its new 4K telly, which also comes in a 65-inch and 58-inch model.

And with a native resolution of 3840 x 2160, Toshiba clearly wants its Ultra HD display to burn itself into your eyes. Full HD gets an upscaling job too, which will be useful until 4K content really takes off.

Cloud nine

Also inside is a web browser and the new Cloud TV service, which Toshiba hopes you'll use for on-demand services like BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Netflix.

Interestingly, while all three offer 3D capabilities, the 58-inch actually uses an active 3D system, while the the larger two are passive.

The 9 Series will land this summer. No word on price yet, but you've got a bit of time to start saving those pennies - a few hundred jars' full by our count.

Alongside the 9 Series, Toshiba is also launching its new 4 Series and 6 Series of smart LED TVs, as well as the new 7 Series - also smart, but with added 3D abilities.

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