Sony's 2015 TV line-up is all about 4K, Android TV and being ultra-thin

Sony takes on TVs in 2015

Sony's 2015 TV line-up has a bit of a twist; yes, it's heavy on the 4K, but there's extra attention paid to Google Android TV as well.

Leading the charge is the XBR X900C Series 4K Ultra HD TV and the X910C (the latter is 75 inches, the former available in 55- and 65-inch models).

Sony said this is its thinnest LED TV to date, with the smallest point a mere 4.9mm (less than 0.2 inches), thinner than an Xperia smartphone. Mounting flush to the wall, the screens give off a floating effect.

As in the rest of Sony's 4K UHD line-up for 2015, the X900C and X910C house the 4K Processor X1 for improved color accuracy, contrast and clarity. Users should see the Triluminos display pop thanks to the new processor engine.


A very thin TV indeed

The sets support Google's Android TV OS, so users can stream videos, turn them into gaming devices and utter vocal search commands into a microphone-packing remote. Built-in Google Cast makes for easy integration of a smartphone or tablet.

The XBRX900C and X910C will hit the market in the spring.

There's more

Continuing the march down 4K TV lane, the XBR-X930C Series (65 inches) and X940C (75 inches) are equipped with the same 4K Processor X1 and Android TV, but put a little more emphasis on audio.

Both have robust front-facing speakers with all the tweeters, woofers and sub-woofers you need to give your walls a workout.

The smaller version features X-tended Dynamic Range - the 75 incher has the Pro version - and combined with the new 4K Processor engine, users should see Sony's best contrast to date.

If "introductory" 4K TVs sound more in line with your budget, the XBR-X850C Series - available in 55-, 65- and 75-inch configurations - should fit the bill. This line touts the new processor, which, again, enhances the sets' Triluminos display. They also happen to be ready for the new HEVC and VP9 4K specs, if that's of interest to you.

Even further down the scale is the XBR-X830C Series, another introductory 4K TV line that only measure 43- and 49-inches. They don't lack the 4K Processor X1 engine and support Android TV.

Android TV invasion

Sony rounded out its TV announcements by revealing its HDTV offerings will feature Android TV for the first time ever.

Sizes ranging from 50 to 70 inches will comprise OS-equipped line-up. Models like the KDL-75W850C, KDL-65W850C, KDL-55W850C and KDL-50W850C will be available in the spring.

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