LG bends its curved OLED TV's price down to $5,999

LG curved OLED
LG has made OLED much more affordable

Make no mistake, OLED is the future of television technology. But thanks to difficulties in manufacturing the panels, the first commercial big screen OLED TV, the 55EA9800 from LG, was priced out of reach for many people at launch.

That's all changed now, with LG slicing $2,000 off the RRP of the 55EA9800 flagship OLED screen this week, bringing it to an almost affordable $5,999.

The television, which launched at a whopping $11,999 back in May last year, has dropped in price multiple times over the past 11 months, and is now comparable to high end 4K televisions in terms of price.

A good time to yield

LG's justification for the price drop isn't to clear out stock ahead of its imminent 2014 range of televisions.

Instead, it claims that improved yields in OLED manufacturing has allowed it to drop the price as the cost of making the new televisions decreases.

It is also ramping up OLED manufacturing, with new facilities being established around the world in anticipation of a big spike in demand for OLED TVs.

At CES this year, LG unveiled a whole range of OLED TVs, including a massive 77-inch curved model and a 55-inch "gallery" unit.

With the improved in yields, it will be interesting to see how the new models are priced when they launch in the not too distant future.

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