LG is dragging some huge OLED TVs to CES 2014 after all

LG 77-inch curved OLED 4K
LG's 77-inch curved OLED 4K TV viewed from the side at IFA 2013

LG's TV lineup for CES 2014 isn't just about OLED TVs, but it seems it may as well be as far as the company is concerned.

The hardware maker in December announced a gargantuan 105-inch LED TV for the convention, and at the time we speculated that LG might be re-focusing off of OLED in order to bring down the cost of its higher-end units.

But the Korean company has issued a press release highlighting five new OLED units it plans to showcase at CES next week, including the curved 77-incher we saw at IFA 2013.

This most recent announcement casts the massive curved 77-inch 4K OLED TV as LG's main attraction at the show, but its lineup also includes the "Gallery" TV outed in September and one it brags is eco-friendly.

The big one

The big one, model number 77EC9800, comes in at 77 inches with 4K resolution and a curved OLED display. But it also comes in 55- and 65-inch varieties, too.

Its description is full of buzz words and technical features, like LG's proprietary WRGB OLED technology, an exclusive High Dynamic Range (HDR) algorithm, the LG Color Refiner, Ultra Cinema 3D, LG's Tru-ULTRA HD Engine Pro for 4K upscaling without blurred images, Motion Estimation Motion Compensation, and a built-in signal decoder that makes it "future-proof."

LG also teased its "newest smart TV platform, enabling consumers to enjoy a refreshingly simple and intuitive user experience."

This is very likely related to the company's rumored plans to unveil a webOS-based smart TV at the show, though of course we won't know this for sure until LG gives the word.

Art and environment

Also of note are the flat but "elegant" LG Gallery OLED TV (model 55EA8800) and LG's other new curved OLED unit, an environmentally friendly 55-incher, model number 55EB9600.

The Gallery TV features various display modes that flash famous works of art or images related to specific moods on the screen, to "make an average living room feel like an actual art gallery."

LG Gallery TV

So sophisticated

It's the odd TV out with its flat display, and its "Canvas Speaker" frame only adds to its enigmatism.

The 55EB9600 on the other hand is made from "more recyclable materials and considerably fewer parts than its predecessor," LG said, making it more efficient and eco-friendly.

In addition to those named, LG promised "various 55- and 65-inch OLED TV models" will make an appearance at the enormous Las Vegas tech convention next week.

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