LG's massive 105in curved 4K TV will hit CES with not an OLED in sight

LG's massive 105in curved 4K TV will hit CES with not an OLED in sight
Not sure about that stand, LG

With CES 2014 glimmering tantalisingly on the other side of Christmas, LG is getting us het up by announcing what it will be, er, announcing at the show.

A huge 105-inch Ultra HD TV will take pride of place on the LG stand, making the 77-inch OLED set the company unveiled in 2013 look positively DeVito-esque.

It is, LG says, the world's first 105-inch curved 4K TV and we're not about to argue since its announcement went out hours before Samsung's suspiciously similar one.

Aside from the number of inches involved, the big news is that the new LG105UB9 will be rocking an LED LCD display instead of the pricier OLED option - Sony's the only other company with a curved LED LCD TV on its books and it has only a paltry 65-inches to speak of.


So why has LG ditched the OLED? It's probably looking to bring the prices of its top-end TVs down a bit.

There shouldn't be much of a dip in quality though: TFT tech has come on leaps and bounds in the past couple of years and can now offer even backlighting across the curve, with a not-to-be-sniffed-at Ultra HD resolution of 5,120 x 2,160.

Film fans will also be pleased to hear that the aspect ration on the 105-inch set is 21:9 - what LG calls "CinemaScope".

While that LCD screen should mean a slight dent the LG 105UB9's pricing, you're still not going to get a 105-inch 4K TV for peanuts - LG's 55-inch curved OLED TV is on sale in the UK for £8,000.

We should find out more about pricing and release dates at CES 2014, when we'll also be able to clap eyes on the thing and see how that LCD screen works out.

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