Putting OLED in the frame? LG outs 55-inch Gallery OLED TV

Putting OLED in the frame? LG launches new 55-inch Gallery OLED television
LG's new OLED is playing to the Gallery

LG has revealed its latest OLED television creation ahead of this week's IFA tech show in Berlin and and it's not exactly your average gogglebox.

The new Gallery OLED set, which will be displayed on the show floor in Germany, encases the super-slim, 55-inch OLED panel in a unique picture frame-style design.

The world's first wall-mountable, 55-inch OLED TV will, much to LG's delight, be able to showcase hi-res photos of famous paintings, as well as the users own family photos within the picture frame.

The border isn't just for show though, it houses the set's new 'Canvas Speakers' as LG calls them. Disguised within the frame is a 2.2 channel, front-facing sound system which the company says will provide full bodied audio.

Subtle beauty?

Of the world's most expensive electronic picture frame, Havis Kwon, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company.said: "Our GALLERY OLED TV comprises the perfect blend of subtle beauty, unmatched picture quality and immersive sound.

"Challenging the status quo, this beautifully designed and engineered product is a clear example of our ability to think beyond the ordinary and provide consumers with a differentiated experience."

LG hasn't yet confirmed regional pricing or availability, but we can't imagine this one showing up in your local Currys or Best Buy any time soon.

We'll share our thoughts on the device from the show floor at IFA later this week, so stay tuned for all the action from Berlin.

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