TCL's 2021 TV lineup ticks all the boxes with 8K, Mini LED and Google TV

TCL X925 8K Mini LED TV
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TCL has finally revealed its 2021 Australian TV lineup, and it's even more impressive than we were expecting, led by the stunning TCL X925 – a show-stopping telly which boasts Mini LED technology, 8K resolution and an included subwoofer for bass-filled sound. 

TCL's range is spearheaded by the TCL X925 Pro, a mammoth 85-incher which differs from the regular X925 (available in 65-inch and 75-inch versions) in that its subwoofer is detachable. 

Available from July, both TVs are the first TCL models to run on the new Google TV platform, replacing the aging Android TV interface it has used for years. TCL has announced that pricing for the X925 starts at AU$4499, presumably for the 65-inch model, with larger models yet to receive price points.

TCL X925: features and specs

The X925 and X925 Pro offer quantum dot colour, support for Dolby Vision IQ (which automatically adjusts picture quality), HDR10+ and Wi-Fi 6. 

Gamers will be happy to learn that the X925 and X925 Pro support HDMI 2.1, allowing for 4K resolutions at 120Hz, along with Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) FreeSync support and variable refresh rates (VRR).

TCL's new TVs are powered by the AiPQ Engine, a new processor which is said to dynamically optimise display and audio content in real time, making "oceans appear bluer and rainforests lusher" while eliminating audio distortion.

In addition to the flagship X925 series, TCL has announced a 4K Mini LED TV (C825), a 4K QLED TV (C725) and a 4K QUHD TV (P725) – all of which run on the older Android TV platform. 

Available from June, pricing starts at AU$2,499 for the C825, AU$1,099 for the C725 and AU$899 for the P725. You can check out a full feature list for TCL's 2021 TV range below.

TCL's 2021 AU TV lineup

(Image credit: TCL)
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