Acer's Z3-700 is a tablet-like desktop PC with five hours of battery life


If you're interested in picking up a massive tablet for using around the house but also fancy a new desktop PC, Acer's Windows 10-powered Acer Z3-700 fits the bill.

Optimised for Microsoft's latest OS, it sports a 17.3 inch full 1080p HD display and has a battery life of up to five hours, according to Acer. Just long enough to watch half a series of Netflix in the bath, then.

The Z3-700 also has a built-in kickstand that will enable you to use it laptop-style if you want to, and it can be hooked up to a bluetooth keyboard and mouse for the full PC experience. It's due to hit Europe for €599 - or around £445/$683 - by the end of the year.

Acer has also unveiled the Aspire R14, a convertible notebook that can similarly be used in both PC or tablet modes. It sports a sixth-generation Intel Core processor, 8GB of DDR3L RAM and SSD storage - as well as a 14 inch screen on a "360 degree" hinge.

This enables it to sit comfortably in four positions: as a tablet, as a display, as a tent (!), and as, umm, a laptop. UK pricing has yet to be announced, but it looks set to retail in Europe from around €799 - which works out at about £590/$906.

Adapt to thrive

Both devices make use of Microsoft's clever Continuum feature that subtly adapts the user interface depending on what input devices you're currently using. For example, plug in a larger screen, keyboard and mouse and you'll have full laptop-style controls, but unplug them and instead it will optimise for controls which work with your stubby fingers instead..

The Taiwanese company has deliberately worked closely with Microsoft to get the most out of the platform. For example, both devices have multiple built-in microphones in order to give the Cortana voice assistant a better chance of hearing your voice commands correctly.

Acer's announcement comes just days after Microsoft itself shook up the Windows hardware scene by announcing its own premium laptop, known as the Surface Book.