Steam and Origin sales see prices slashed on some must-play PC games

If you’re after a Christmas cracker of a bargain in terms of PC games, the good news is that there are some storming titles with big discounts on both Steam and Origin – and some of them are pretty recent releases, too.

Such as Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, which are on sale over at EA’s online store, Origin. Battlefield 1 has had its price slashed in half which means that the shooter now costs £24.99 (around $30) for the standard edition.

As for Titanfall 2, that has had the same discount applied, and again instead of the full price you now have to fork out just £24.99 (around $30).

Fifa 17 is also £24.99 (around $30) with 50% off, but there are some bigger discounts on older titles with up to two-thirds off in some cases.

Examples of 67% discounted games include The Sims 4 which now costs £16.66 (around $20), and Star Wars: Battlefront which has been reduced to £8.33 (around $10).

Steamy goodness

Okay, so moving on to Steam’s raft of discounted gems – these offers run through until January 2 (18:00 GMT). The headline bargain here is Doom, which has seen its price slashed by two-thirds, meaning it’ll now set you back £13.19 (around $16).

Or if you prefer your shooters a little more tactical, then Tom Clancy’s The Division has had its price cut in half, and now costs £19.99 (around $25).

The much lauded and innovative Firewatch has seen a 40% reduction to £8.99 (around $11), and a massive 75% discount has been applied to Payday 2 which will now set you back just £3.74 (around $4.50). Just Cause 3 also received the 75% treatment and has been knocked down to £9.99 (around $12).

Or how about some RPG co-op coolness with Grim Dawn reduced by 45% to £10.99 (around $14), or some classic role-playing with Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition at £5.99 (around $7) – that’s 60% off.

There are, of course, a ton of bargains to explore aside from these, and the same goes for Origin. So it’s certainly worth having a poke around and searching for your particular favorite games you haven’t got round to buying, which may have been considerably discounted.

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