Someone's already hacked the Nintendo Switch firmware update

Nintendo Switch screen

The latest firmware update for the Nintendo Switch has been hacked, only four hours after going live on the console.

Seeing as the update was largely designed to improve security features – alongside usual system maintenance – it's a testament to the abilities of the hacker community that Nintendo's work was undone so quickly. 

But it's likely to be exasperating for Nintendo, which has never been keen on fans using its devices to mod games, play pirated titles, or add 'homebrew' emulators for unofficial (read: illegal) software.

While hacking a console itself isn't against the law, it does make the manufacturer's warranty void – and it makes the possibility of Nintendo bricking your Switch console in a new software update all the more likely.

A more secure tomorrow

So why is it so easy for hackers to get past the Switch's security measures?

The current-gen Switch model uses a Nvidia Tegra chip that clearly isn't proving too much trouble for experienced hackers or homebrew enthusiasts, even as Nintendo attempts to patch out the chip's security issues.

While Nintendo President Shuntaro has insisted a Nintendo Switch 2 isn't imminent, it may be that a new hardware model – or a quiet upgrade of the internal processor on the Switch production line – will be needed soon to tackle the console's current vulnerabilities.

Via NintendoLife

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