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Spotify swipes right on Tinder

Spotify Tinder
Spotify Tinder

Are you a Tinder user that's struggled to perfect your most dateable profile? Well, we hate to break it to you, but you've got a new element to sweat over - your music taste.

Thanks to a new partnership between Spotify and Tinder, you'll now be judged not just on your looks and pithy profile one liners, but also on how banging your tunes are.

A new update to the Tinder app will let you link a Spotify account to your Tinder one, showing potential swipe-righters your choice of top artists, as well as a track you designate as your life "anthem".

You sexy thing

Whether you've got a Spotify account or not, you'll be able to listen to other Tinder folks' anthems and see their favorite bands - though you'll have to have an account on the Swedish streaming service in order to offer a deeper look at your listening habits.

The Spotify-charged Tinder app will be launching today in all 59 territories where Spotify's core service is available.

Finally, we'll be able to prove just how unsexy Ed Sheeran is. Top tip - pop this in instead:

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