Samsung's Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are out today and already discounted in Australia

Today marks the release of the latest in the Samsung Galaxy line, with the South Korean company's Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus succeeding the throne of last year's successful Galaxy S8 line.

If you didn't happen to pre-order your new Galaxy S9 and you're interested in Australian stock at a discount, you're in luck. This eBay store has a few of each model in stock (but not too many, so jump in quick) – just be sure to enter the code PRINT at checkout.

Galaxy S9 64GB for $1,045 (down from $1,199)

Galaxy S9 256GB for $1,177 (down from $1,349)

Galaxy S9 Plus 64GB for $1,177 (down from $1,349)

Galaxy S9 Plus 256GB for $1,309 (down from $1,499)

If you're looking to bundle your new handset with a carrier plan, check out our Samsung Galaxy S9 plans page and our Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus plans page for the best deals as we find them.

Harry Domanski
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