Samsung's new Galaxy S9 ad pokes fun of Apple for iPhone 'battery gate'

Samsung wants iPhone fans irritated by the poor performance of their older Apple devices to upgrade to a supposedly problem-free Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

That's the pitch of its new "Moving On" ad, a follow-up to its memorable Growing Up commercial that poked fun of the iPhone X notch, complete with a notch haircut.  

Battery gate is the butt of the joke this time, depicting a woman struggling to cope with a severely slowed down iPhone 6 while observing care-free Galaxy owners. 

Apple was confirmed to be slowing down older iPhones in an effort to avoid rapid battery depletion and, ultimately and without warning, sudden device shut down.

But what about the iPhone X?

Samsung's commercial is realistic in that people often times aren't deciding between the iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S9, treating both gadgets like precious gems.

They're usually upgrading from a much older device that they're struggling with in everyday situations, like the rainy scenes depicted in the video. They're fed up.

That part about phone ownership is realistic. However, the video doesn't take into account the iPhone X or iOS 11.3 update that fixes the battery slowdown problem.

Apple's iPhone X offers many of the same features of a new Samsung phone, and it's a fairer comparison to the new Samsung Galaxy phones as opposed to a phone from 2014.

Matt Swider