Samsung patent shows off yet another foldable phone design

Image Credit: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Fold isn’t even in stores yet, but already a number of patents have shown off other foldable phone designs from the company and now yet another has emerged.

This one was spotted by LetsGoDigital and shows a device with a long tablet-sized screen when fully unfolded, but with foldable sections towards the left and right edges which both fold in to shrink the available screen space in half.

You can see some of the patent images below, along with a render created by LetsGoDigital which does a better job of visualizing how the phone might look in practice.

It’s a design that’s very similar to one Xiaomi has been showing off, but one seemingly with some omissions – there aren’t any obvious cameras for example, nor does there seem to be a charging port.

That might mean it relies on wireless charging, with the camera perhaps either hidden in the display or relying on a pop-up mechanism. Or perhaps the images are just incomplete.

In any case, there’s no guarantee that this design will ever see the light of day, as Samsung is clearly experimenting with a lot of foldable ideas.

But there’s a chance that this could end up being the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, so if you don’t like the design of the current model there might be a more suitable option soon.


James Rogerson

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