Here's another look at the dual-hinged Xiaomi foldable phone

Image Credit: Xiaomi (Image credit: Xiaomishka)

We've already seen the Xiaomi foldable phone after the company released a video of its CEO playing around with the concept device, but now we've been given another, 10-second sneak peek of this intriguing handset.

Unlike its foldable rivals - the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X - Xiaomi's flexible device boasts two hinges.

The new video - posted on Xiaomi's official Weibo social account - doesn't reveal too much else about the handset, but another appearance sparks hope that the Chinese firm may decide to make it commercially available in the near future.

One thing the video does show is a new form of gesture navigation, where the user swipes in from the right side of the screen (when in tablet mode) to close the current app they're looking at. 

Usually navigation controls and gestures are found at the base of displays, but side controls makes sense on the larger screen, as they'll be more easily accessible for your hand.

You can see the full video of the Xiaomi foldable phone below

Coming soon?

This is still a concept device, with no word from Xiaomi on whether it plans to actually bring the handset to market.

Previously its CEO asked fans whether they'd be interested in purchasing a device like this, but there's been no further development since.

If the Xiaomi foldable phone does go on sale, we expect it will carry a lofty price tag. Samsung's Galaxy Fold is $1,980 (€2,000), while the Mate X will set you back €2,299 (around $2,600) - this new foldable tech is not cheap.

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