Look closely: Samsung gives first glimpse of Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4

An image from a trailer for Galaxy Unpacked 2022
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s second big event of 2022 is fast approaching, and to build hype the company has now launched an official trailer for the next Galaxy Unpacked, in which it shows off the designs of at least two phones, which from the look of them are almost certainly the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

While Samsung hasn’t mentioned these handsets by name, we’ve long been expecting to see them both at this event on August 10. However, previous teasers had focused specifically on a successor to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, so seeing a new Z Fold here as well is reassuring.

As for what to expect from these phones. Well, the video only shows brief glimpses of each, but various angles are shown, and some details can be made out.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 then (or at least the foldable flip phone believed to be named that), there appears to be two rear camera lenses, along with a flash. 

That’s in line with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, and so is the two-tone design on the rear, and the arrangement of ports, buttons, and antenna lines from what we can see here.

Glimpses of the next Samsung Galaxy Z Fold are more fleeting, but this too looks very similar to its predecessor from what we can see. None of which is surprising, since leaks had suggested as much.

Beyond the imagery, this trailer also includes some text that hints at possible improvements. There’s mention of new ways to work and play, new ways to capture life, and new experiences that will forever change our behavior.

Some of that is fairly vague and could just be highlighting the advantages that foldables have over flat phones, but the bit about capturing life is likely a hint at camera upgrades, especially as it’s followed by an image of the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s lenses.

The mention of new ways to work and play meanwhile could be a hint at the rumored S Pen slot in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. We should find out for sure on August 10.

Analysis: more than just foldables

While the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 are likely to be the stars of Samsung’s August 10 event, they’re not the only things we’re expecting to see, with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro also likely to make an appearance.

These are expected to be top-end wearables with worryingly high prices but big upgrades to battery life.

We may also see other gadgets, such as the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro – though at least one source reckons they’ll land before August 10. Either way, this looks set to be a packed event, and a big deal for Samsung fans.

TechRadar will be covering the launch in full, so make a note in your calendar to head back here then for all the news on what could be some of the best foldable phones and best smartwatches.

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