Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tipped for MWC 2017 launch in latest leak

We were expecting to see Samsung’s next flagship tablet last year, but, likely due to the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, it never showed up. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is definitely on the way though, and it’s just been certified by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission – the US telecoms regulator), suggesting that its arrival could be imminent.

The FCC listing, spotted by PriceRaja, doesn’t reveal much, although there is a basic sketch of the slate, showing a single rear camera lens, and what appears to be an LED flash.

But the fact that it’s passed through the FCC suggests that a launch at the Mobile World Congress 2017 industry expo in Barcelona is likely on the cards, as that’s just a month away.

A superior slate

And we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the Galaxy Tab S3, based on previous rumors, with an Exynos 7420 octa-core chipset (which was used in the Samsung Galaxy S6), 4GB of RAM and a fingerprint scanner all rumored.

We’re also likely to see the Galaxy Tab S3 in both 9.7-inch and 8.0-inch sizes, given that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is available in those configurations.

We should know for sure soon, but if the rumors are accurate this could be the first real iPad rival in quite a long while.

James Rogerson

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