Samsung Galaxy S22 release date leaked, as well as when Unpacked will take place

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus
The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus (Image credit: Future)

It's Samsung Galaxy S22 time, as the unveiling of Samsung's annual flagship mobiles is generally the biggest tech event in the early months of the year, and we may know a date when we'll be able to see these new devices.

South Korean website Digital Daily has apparently heard from someone within Samsung, who has provided a launch timeline for the Galaxy S22.

According to this source, Samsung Unpacked will take place on February 8 - that's the big event where the S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra will almost definitely debut. Pre-orders are said to go live the next day.

Then, it'll apparently be February 24 when you can get your hands on the phones yourself, as that's when they'll supposedly go on sale.

Notably, nothing was mentioned in Digital Daily's report about the Galaxy Tab S8 series, which we were also expecting to launch around now - perhaps they're coming even later in 2022.

Take these dates with a pinch of salt - since it's impossible to know the source, we can't tell for sure if the dates are accurate. Saying that, we haven't heard any other release date or Unpacked date rumors for now, so we have nothing better to take the place of these days.

If Samsung Unpacked does take place on February 8, we'll likely start hearing about it a week or two beforehand, so it could be a few more weeks until we know for sure. Stay tuned to TechRadar and we'll bring you all the release date information - leaked and official - when we hear it.

Tom Bedford

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