Samsung Galaxy S11 camera and battery features spotted in Galaxy Note 9 code

The Samsung Galaxy S11 could have lots of features the S10 5G (above) doesn't (Image credit: TechRadar)

Samsung often hides future phone features in official software updates for current handsets, and the Samsung Galaxy S11 looks to be no exception, as XDA Developers has found information on a number of likely camera features for the phone, buried in an update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

One of the most exciting features listed though isn’t new as such, rather it’s an old feature that Samsung used to offer and then cut from its phones. We’re talking about Pro Video mode, which looks set to make a return.

This lets you manually change the exposure, ISO, color tone and shutter speeds for videos, just like you can for photos.

Samsung also appears to be working on four new Live Focus bokeh effects, dubbed Artify, Mono, Side Light and Vintage.

Plus, XDA Developers has dug up additional details on features that were already rumored for the Samsung Galaxy S11. For example, a Director’s View mode had previously been spotted, but we now have a better idea of what this does. The software code describing it suggests that it will allow you to select a subject for the S11 to focus on and automatically track, as well as helping you get close up shots of a subject.

Then there’s Single Take Photo, which had been mentioned before but which thanks to this software we now know will likely use AI to detect the perfect time to take a photo. It sounds similar to Photobooth mode from the Google Pixel range, which allowed the camera to automatically detect smiles and other photo-worthy moments and take a snap.

However, while that only worked for selfies, Single Take Photo will apparently also work on landscape shots.

Battery up

Moving away from the camera, mentions of a battery health feature have also been found. This would tell you how much of your battery’s original capacity is remaining, along with saying whether battery health is ‘Good’, ‘OK’, or ‘Poor’.

And speaking of battery, there’s also mention of super-fast charging for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. This could point to charging of anywhere from 25W to 45W according to the site (up from 15W on the original Galaxy Fold).

We know this is likely referring to the Fold 2 as it’s mentioned in relation to ‘Bloom’, which is believed to be the Galaxy Fold 2’s codename.

However, all the other rumored features we’ve mentioned aren’t listed in relation to a specific phone. As such while they’re all likely candidates for the Samsung Galaxy S11, they could arrive on other phones as well or instead. And there’s a chance some won’t see the light of day at all, as while they’re definitely being worked on, they could always get scrapped.

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