Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could double up on storage

We all like choice, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could give us some, as the latest rumor suggests it will come in two storage sizes, with both 64GB and 128GB models available.

And according to Osen, this information comes straight from a Samsung Electronics official, so it could well be true, but we have reason to doubt it.

Aside from the fact that the ‘official’ has remained anonymous, there’s also the fact that Samsung hasn’t tended to offer multiple storage sizes in its recent flagships.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus was a slight exception to that, with both 64GB and 128GB sizes available, but the larger model only launched in a few locations. The phone the Note 8 is set to replace - the Galaxy Note 7 - was only available in a 64GB variant.

So there’s still a high chance that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will launch in just one size, and it will probably be 64GB, since most Samsung flagships are, while if it does launch in two there’s still a fair chance that you’ll only have one of them where you are.

Serious money

The same source goes on to talk about price, saying that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is likely to cost between $1,000 (around £770, AU$1,300) and $1,200 (roughly £920, AU$1,560), which would make it the most expensive Galaxy Note yet.

The source seems less sure about this bit, adding that “I am told that the price of parts has been a factor of rising price, and that some prices have been set high, so I think we should see more about how it will eventually be.” But those prices are believable and roughly in line with earlier rumors.

If the Note 8 really launches in two storage sizes then it’s possible that the larger one will be even more expensive, so with likely just a few months to go until launch you’d better get saving.

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