Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may be come in red, plus four other colors

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Image Credit: TechRadar

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 is likely still a few months away from launch, but we're beginning to get a clear picture of the handset through consistent leaks, and the latest refers to the colors of the phone.

Last year's Galaxy Note 9 came in six colors, but this year's phone may be restricted to just five if a leak from MySmartPrice is to be believed.

That site has information that suggests the new phone will be launching in Black, White, Silver, Red, and Pink. Notably missing from that list is Lavender Purple, which was a key color for the Galaxy Note 9.

Twitter leaker Ice Universe has some further information, suggesting the phone will have a gradient effect on at least one of its colors. 

They said, "The Galaxy Note 10 will feature a gradient, blue and silver gradient", so that might be the Silver shade mentioned in the previous leak, or maybe these leaks just don't match up.

Either way, Samsung looks to be offering a variety of colors for its next phone. Red would be a new color for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 range, and it's interesting to see the company experiment with new shades.

Other rumors for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 suggest there may be two models of the handset this year with one being referred to as the "Pro" and featuring a variety of other top-end specs.

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