Samsung and Roku TV owners can now get free Apple TV Plus for three months

Apple March Event 2022
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Proud Samsung smart TV and Roku device owners have an extra reason to feel chuffed, with the news that Apple is offering device owners three months of free access to Apple TV Plus.  

A subscription to the iPhone maker’s streaming service normally costs $4.99 / £4.99 / AU$7.99 per month but from now through to November 28, Samsung Smart TV and Roku device owners can sign up for three months of free viewing.

The offer for Samsung TVs is limited to 2018-2022 models, while Roku owners will need a recent streaming box or stick from the company that is compatible with the service.

To make use of the trial, you'll need to be a new customer and sign up by opening the Apple TV app on your Samsung TV or Roku home screen.

The offer is the latest salvo in the streaming wars, with Apple fighting to compete against established rival services such as Netflix and Disney Plus.

As part of its promotional efforts, Apple last week announced that it would be airing the first season of one of its most popular shows, See, completely free until the end of August 29

Now available on most smart TVs and set-top boxes, Apple TV Plus has slowly but surely started to become a streaming service to be reckoned with, thanks to hit shows like feelgood comedy Ted Lasso, the Ben Stiller-directed psychological drama Severance, and live MLB baseball.

The service was also the first streaming platform to claim a Best Picture Academy Award at the Oscars, with the drama CODA winning the coveted statuette earlier this year.

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