Razer will make customized gaming peripherals for Destiny 2

(Image credit: Bungie)

Razer has announced a partnership with Bungie in order to provide gaming peripherals which will be specially themed and branded for the massively multiplayer shooter Destiny 2.

Razer will sell special versions of a mouse, mouse mat, keyboard and gaming headset to celebrate the launch of Destiny 2, with the peripherals coming out in August, just before the game goes on sale at the beginning of September (on PC, as well as PS4 and Xbox One).

Jim McQuillan, Creative Director, Brand and Marketing at Bungie, commented: "The team has come up with some cool ways to pair Destiny’s art and designs with Razer’s high-performance hardware, providing players with new ways to customize their Destiny 2 experience."

Of mice and mechanical keyboards

Razer will be giving its DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse a Destiny 2-themed makeover. Aside from its new looks, the mouse boasts custom-made mechanical switches and high levels of sensitivity and accuracy. And you’ll be able to use it on a Destiny-themed Goliathus Speed mouse mat.

Also getting a splashy new look is the Ornata Chroma keyboard, which features a ‘mecha-membrane’ key set that blends the tactile feel of a mechanical switches with the comfort of membrane keys.

And finally, there’s the Razer ManO’War Tournament Edition headset, which delivers precise surround sound (and a good dollop of bass into the bargain, too).

Some tempting gear for major Destiny addicts who were already mulling the purchase of a new mouse or keyboard for the series' first . Mind you, at this point, it’s not clear if these special editions of the peripherals will cost any more than the regular versions. We’ll doubtless find out in due course.

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