Cheap PS4 Pro bundle deals hit $299 / £329 in latest sales

cheap PS4 Pro bundle deals sales prices
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These PS4 Pro deals have hit fantastic low prices this week, with sales across the US and UK offering money off your new 4K console. This is a powerful piece of kit now available for a sub $300 price tag in the US and a price ever so slightly over £300 in the UK. So, whether you're looking to make the most of the current console generation before PS5 hits, or if you're looking to save money on cheap games in the wait for a PS5 price drop there's a bargain to be found here. US PS4 Pro deals have just hit $299 across a number of US retailers right now - a price so good that many PS4 Pro bundles haven't had the chance to catch up. Your best bet, therefore, is to grab a PS4 Pro console by itself and pick up some cheap game deals separately. 

The story is slightly different in the UK, with cheap PS4 Pro bundles offering much better value than if you were to pick up the console by itself. We're seeing PS4 Pro deals offering a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare included for £329, but you'll also find Death Stranding bundles available for the same price

The PS4 Pro is the latest and greatest entry in Sony's lineup of current-gen systems. Boasting powerful 4K capabilities and speedy performance, it's the glow up that was so deserved of the original PlayStation 4. With the PS5 on the horizon, we're seeing more and more PS4 Pro deals and cheap PS4 Slim consoles tumbling in price across the US and UK which means excellent savings all round. 

With the PS5 price weighing on everyone's minds, these PS4 Pro deals look even cheaper. We don't know when PS5 pre-orders will drop, so you might want a cheap console to tide you over in the meantime. 

Today's best PS4 Pro deals in the US

PS4 Pro 1TB console | $399.95 $299.99 at Walmart

PS4 Pro 1TB console | $399.95 $299.99 at Walmart
Pick up this PS4 Pro deal offering the console by itself and save $100 at Walmart right now. That's a fantastic deal considering bundles can still reach those $399 heights, so you're free to pick up whichever games you choose and still save some cash this week.

Today's best PS4 Pro deals in the UK

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

PS4 Pro | Call of Duty Modern Warfare | £329 at AO
Grab a PS4 Pro with Call of Duty Modern Warfare for just £329 at AO this week. That's the cheapest you'll find the Pro console right now, and you'll still pay about £50 for this 2019 release by itself, so it's worth picking up this PS4 Pro bundle to save some cash.

PS4 Pro | Death Stranding | £329 at AO

PS4 Pro | Death Stranding | £329 at AO
Pick up the recent Kojima classic alongside your PS4 Pro in this fantastic bundle from AO. £349 is standard price for a bundle, so you're saving an extra £20 and picking up one of the latest games released for the system. Add some Fortnite Neo Versa swag to your bundle for £349 at Currys.

Cheap PS4 games deals

If you're picking up a PS4 Pro deal by itself, or are simply looking to get more out of your new console from day one, you'll want to take a look at the latest prices on the PS4's top games. We're also sourcing the best cheap game deals across consoles. 

Why buy a PS4 Pro in 2020?

With PS5 firmly en route, you may be wondering where the appeal lies in picking up a cheap PS4 Pro deal today. Buying a PS4 Pro in 2020 will make sense if you're in one of a few positions. If you're yet to pick up Sony's entry to the current-gen market, you're missing out on some of the best games of the decade right now, so picking up a cheap PS4 Pro is an excellent way to experience high quality gaming for less. Plus, all those games you missed out on are now exceptionally cheap, and will only reduce in price once the next console is released. 

Or, if you're looking to upgrade your current PS4 Slim console and don't see yourself paying launch day prices for the PS5, you'll save yourself plenty of cash with a cheap PS4 Pro deal and potentially pick up a new game in the process as well. 

There are plenty of reasons to buy a PS4 Pro in 2020, especially if you're not planning on picking up the next console on day one. These PS4 Pro deals are offering some fantastic prices right now, and with plenty of time to get your fill of this generation's gaming goodies before the next comes along, there's never been a better time to pick up the boosted console. 

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