Next-gen Kindle facing manufacturing delays

Night owls may have to wait a little longer for their Kindle fix
Night owls may have to wait a little longer for their Kindle fix

Amazon's next generation Kindle is facing production setbacks that may cause a delay for ereader.

Back in may rumors started circling that the next Kindle will feature a front-lit display, allowing night owls to read without additional light or compromising the E-Ink display.

However, sources told DigiTimes that a problem in mass production emerged from the parts for that front light.

As a result, Amazon has frozen shipments of additional Kindle components until the issue can be resolved, which may take the rest of July and August to fix.

The issue could potentially push the next-gen Kindle launch back significantly. Reports in May pegged the new Kindle to arrive some time in July, but thanks to the production issue September may become the more likely month.

The mobile trinity

Meanwhile, Amazon is still going full speed ahead on the Kindle Fire 2, which reportedly features a larger screen, quad-core processor, and could possibly start shipping this August.

Rumors also suggest an Amazon phone is waiting in the wings, completing Amazon's holy mobile trinity of an ereader, tablet, and smartphone.

As Amazon stretches out to compete in new markets, the company still has to fend off ereader advances from Barnes and Noble's Nook, which already features a front light.

Amazon still has not officially announced its next-gen front-lit Kindle, and will likely hold off now until all production problems are resolved.

Via Slashgear