Samsung Galaxy Gear 2: lighter and launching with S5?

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2: lighter and launching with S5?
Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy S5 the perfect match?

The Galaxy Gear smartwatch has hardly got out the blocks but we've already heard a fair bit about its successor, the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.

Korean site ET News has reportedly spoken to an unnamed Samsung official about future devices and as well as spilling the beans on the much rumored Galaxy S5 they apparently also mentioned the Galaxy Gear 2.

If the official is on the money then the Gear 2 may rock up "about 15% to 20% thinner than previous production", which would certainly make it a more palatable device for your wrist.

Galaxy S5 with Gear 2?

The Samsung spokesperson is also quoted as saying that you'll be able to use the Galaxy Gear 2 with the Galaxy S5 smartphone, which could mean the smartwatch rocks up alongside the Korean firm's next flagship handset.

We could potentially see a bundle deal where you get the S5 and Gear 2 as a package, much in the same way the Galaxy Note 3 and original Gear have been sold.

It appears that the Galaxy Gear 2 will be far more integrated with the Galaxy S5 too, with the source revealing that you'll be able to use the smartwatch for games, entertainment and health care functions - although it's not clear what features this includes.

This could see Samsung attempt to span both the smartwatch and popular fitness band demographics, offering one device which covers both areas.

In terms of a Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 release date the official didn't offer anything, but the links to the Galaxy S5 means both could launch at the same time - possibly in March/April 2014 - or perhaps the watch will follow a little later with a raft of other peripherals and accessories.

Be sure to check out our totally sweet Galaxy Gear 2 render below:

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