LG LifeBand Touch and Heart Rate Monitor earphones fit for April UK release

LG LifeBand and heart rate monitoring earphones pegged for April release in UK
LG is taking on... well, everyone, in the wellness wearables arena

LG has confirmed its the LG LifeBand Touch wristband will be available in the UK from April.

The company, which announced the wellness tracker at CES 2014 in January had only previously committed to a 'first half of 2014' launch window for its Nike Fuelband SE and Sony SmartBand rival.

LG's first major play in the burgeoning fitness arena features an OLED touchscreen, tracks key workout stats and links up with iOS and Android apps. It'll also play nice with existing applications like MapMyRun and Runkeeper.

The wearable also allows users to control their phone's music player, while altering the wear to any incoming calls on that touchscreen.

HRM - fit for a king!

Also coming in April are the LG's Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) earphones, also announced earlier this year.

Those in-ear fitness buds are able to track the wearer's metabolic rate and maximum oxygen consumption and relay it back to an Android or iOS smartphone app via Bluetooth.

The HRM earphones come with a medallion that attaches to clothing and can also transmit users' favourite tunes from their smartphone. They also allow users to physically hear how fast their heart is beating. Both devices can be used separately or together.

LG is yet to confirm prices or exact dates of availability yet so stay tuned.

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