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PlayStation Store will now offer refunds on pre-ordered games

Image Credit: TechRadar

Sony has announced a new refund policy for the PlayStation Store that allows you to return pre-orders for games that you’re no longer interested in. 

The updated policy allows gamers to get a refund for pre-orders up until the day the game is launched if you pre-ordered the game more than 14 days beforehand, and 14 days from the day you made your pre-order if you made it within two weeks of the release date of the game.

The catch here, however, is you can’t download the game in that return window time - and yes, that includes pre-loading the game. If you do, you forfeit the opportunity to get a refund unless the content is “faulty” … though Sony never elaborates on what the definition of faulty content is.

As for subscription services like PlayStation Now, PlayStation Plus and Spotify Music on PlayStation, Sony will offer a 14-day return policy after the purchase date, however the refund will have the prorated time used deducted from the refund. (In the example provided by Sony, if you request a refund seven days after the purchase date, the refund amount may be reduced to reflect any use of the subscription.) 

PlayStation Vue can be canceled at any time, but there’s no refund. 

The updated regulations are for US and Canada only, but the PlayStation European Store has similar policies.