PlayStation rumored to make three big announcements this week – here's what we want to see

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Sony is rumored to be announcing its answer to Xbox Game Pass this week, but according to industry insider Greg Miller there could be two more reveals to go alongside it. 

Speculation that Sony has been working on a new subscription service has been rife for months now. The latest reports suggest we could see PlayStation's Game Pass competitor showcased this week at a surprise State of Play. 

But Kinda Funny's Greg Miller is teasing a couple of other big announcements that Sony may have lined up for this week. 

Miller doesn't elaborate on what they could be, but it's likely that one of the three rumors is Project Spartacus. And we have some ideas as to what the other two might be...

Here's what we're hoping to see revealed if we get a surprise State of Play this week.

Project Spartacus

This one's been building for a while now, and we're all expecting a dedicated State of Play this week for the Project Spartacus unveiling. Bloomberg's Jason Schreier said the announcement was imminent and could be happening as soon as this week, according to his sources. 

The new service is set to roll out a tiered subscription plan, in the same vein as Xbox Game Pass. GamesBeat claims to have more intel, saying Project Spartacus will roll out a three-tiered plan with different benefits. 

Priced at $10, $13, and $16 (approx £7, £10, and £12 / AU$13, AU$17, and AU$21) the base subscription equates to the current PS Plus model. The middle tier gets you the free monthly games, plus access to a game catalog – likely the PS Now library of titles. 

Meanwhile, the premium tier gets those two features, plus the ability to stream games, which is a PS Now perk for the moment. The outlet says a a library of classic games' is also accessible at this tier. And similar to EA Play's game trial, the premium tier include a trial for new games for a limited window of time.   


While we don't expect to see the actual hardware this week, Sony might finally be ready to share pricing and a release date for the PSVR2

Back in February, it was reported that the eye-tracking tech hadn't been finalized. Meanwhile, a YouTuber with a history of accurate PSVR2 leaks says the device won't make a holiday 2022 launch. If you were thinking of adding one to your Christmas list, think again. Instead, they say a Q1 2023 release is more likely. 

Sony has said it's looking at an end-of-year release, but chip shortages could see that slip to 2023. On the price front, it's almost certainly going to be more expensive than the original PSVR model which comes in at $499 / £399 (about AU$650).

We recently got some first impressions of the hardware from devs at GDC 2022 and they seemed impressed at what it was capable of. Now that we're less than a year out from the PSVR2 release, it seems like prime time for Sony to start prepping potential customers on specs and pricing so they've got time to start saving.

Bloodborne for PS5 and PC

Okay, so this one might be a long shot, but now is the perfect time to announce Bloodborne for PC and PS5!

FromSoftware has seen massive success with Elden Ring, selling over 12 million copies since its February 25 launch. Traditionally, the studios games have been somewhat niche, compared to titles that have exploded in the west. 

The Dark Souls series is notoriously difficult to master and there's not much in the way of story unless you're prepared to delve in to the lore via item descriptions. But Elden Ring has seen an influx of new players – some of whom are going to regret jumping on the bandwagon when they realize most of their time is spent dying.  

PC players have been clamoring for Bloodborne on PC. You only need to take a look at the dedicated BloodbornePC subreddit to see how eager they are for a port. And, of course, it means the floodgates will be open for mods. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see Thomas the Tank Engine smashing his way through Old Yharnam.   

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