Camera bargains: camera sales to look out for

Camera bargains: discounted cameras to look out for
Find the best discounts on DSLRs, CSCs and compact digital cameras with our guide

If you're hankering after an upgrade to your current digital camera, but feeling pinched for cash, why not consider bypassing the shiny (and pricey) new launches and checking out some of the older DSLRs, compact system cameras (CSCs) and compact cameras that are still available to buy?

While digital camera technology is evolving is such a rapid rate, some camera models are replaced by their successors just a few months after being released, so - while they've technically been usurped - they're not exactly outdated.

In fact, many of the previous versions of the latest launches often sport very few differences compared to their slightly tweaked replacements, which may sometimes only offer one or two new or upgraded features to speak of.

Then there are much-loved cameras that have been around for a little longer, but are yet to be replaced. In this case, once a manufacturer nears completion of the camera intended to take the older one's place, they tend to offer sizeable discounts or other incentives in order to shift their remaining stock in advance of the next release. Watch out for offers like these, where you can often pick up a high-spec camera for a ridiculously low price.

We've grouped together some of the hottest prospects to watch out for in the January sales, with their original RRPs and a rough indication of current prices to act as a guide. But sales prices can change on a daily basis, so keep your eyes peeled, hunt around and bag yourself a photography bargain!