Virgin Mobile lowers excess data charges

Mobile data
Still not a great idea to go over your data limit

Virgin Mobile has announced that it will be lowering its excess data charges by 15.3 cents per MB for customers who go beyond their data allowance.

This means that excess data rates will now be dropped to $0.052 per MB instead, which amounts to a very low $5.20 for 100MB. Previously, 100MB of excess data would have amounted to a rather hefty $20.50.

It should be noted, however, that this only applies to postpaid customers, so prepaid customers will still need to keep on top of their data use.

Battling data

The highest amount of data you can have on a postpaid Virgin Mobile plan currently is 6GB, but on the lowest end, a $30 plan will give you only 200MB so lowered excess data rates should come as welcome news.

If you're looking for more data without wanting to pay excess data charges, Virgin Mobile also has a double data promotion running for its $60 and $90 plans up until May 11.

And if that isn't enough, you can also get data packs starting at $5 for 250MB,up to $30 for an extra 3GB.